1200V Field Stop Trench Clustered IGBT

1200V Field Stop Trench Clustered IGBT

Ultra-low VCE-SAT 1200V Trench Field Stop Clustered IGBT technology. The device is aimed as a more efficient chip for chip replacement of IGBTs. The device features very low on-state voltage drops and intended for motor drives and inverters.

Quest Semi Trench Field-Stop IGBTs have been developed using our advanced patented trench field-stop structure. These power semiconductor devices represent the very best in advanced technology in regard to maximizing the efficiency of inverter systems when a low loss and short circuit capability are critically needed. 

Some examples of applications of when a TCIGBT comes into its own are as follows, solar and wind technology in renewable energy, high power electric vehicle rapid charging, industrial motor drive technology, UPS, laser welding and many other applications when high voltage is being used. 

Our TCIGBT can also be operated with very low power losses and at higher current densities without dynamic avalanche. This then provides unlimited flexibility in power semiconductor systems by utilizing the high dV/dt.  

At Quest we have been designing our TCIGBT technology since 1986 and we have over forty global patents on this technology. This technology was developed within our parent company and a team of industry leading professors in universities throughout Europe. Demontfort in Leicester and Sheffield University and with our companies Semefab , Quest and Barcelona Semiconductors.

We have the facilities and skilled engineers to also offer you ASICs if you have devices that you need help in designing into your systems. We appreciate your time and thank you reading this blog and hope our companies can do business together.