Queensland Semiconductors

Queensland Semiconductor Technology Pty Ltd stands as a beacon in the semiconductor industry, having established its foundation in Queensland. Our reach isn't confined to our location, as we are networked with leading technology corporations, top-tier institutes, and currently, we take pride in our collaboration with the Griffith University of Queensland. At Quest, our product palette is diverse and cutting-edge. We offer high voltage switching SiC SBD technology that is paramount for transformative applications like electric vehicles, wind farms, and solar power generation. Additionally, our portfolio expands to SiC Mosfets, IGBTs, TCIGBTs & super junction Gan technology plus. Our journey is punctuated by our commitment to innovation and excellence, and we are always on the prowl for synergistic collaborations. We resonate with companies that have a forward-thinking vision in areas of power semiconductors, sensors, systems, amplifiers, and HV switching applications. To those eager to push the boundaries and redefine these sectors, we extend an invitation to partner with us in our mission to shape the technological horizon.