Solar Power Semiconductors

Solar Power Semiconductors

Solar Schottky Diodes

Quest or its full name Queensland Semiconductor Technologies Pty Ltd has become Australia's first Silicon Carbide component manufacturer aiming to fuel the increasing demand for electric vehicles, power management and renewables. This blog is explaining why Quests semiconductors are vital in the supply of Solar power energy equipment manufacturing.

With its latest range of Schottky Barrier Clamp Diodes Quest is supplying the domestic market with affordable and readily available the 09E , GF012-A and GF012-K packaged devices. These range from 30 to 50 amps in a 45 volt format. These will be available to order shortly on QuestSemi – Queensland Semiconductor Technologies

In 2022 32% of Australia’s total electricity production was obtained from renewable energy systems. This was made up of solar at 14% followed by wind at 11% then hydro power at 6%. The market share in renewable energy in the total electricity production in 2022 was the highest on record. This was an increase of 1 % from 2021 showing Australia’s domestic market is starting to rely on renewables rather than fossil fuels.

Queensland is rich in many renewable energy resources including solar and wind power. The state has seen an unprecedented growth in these industries and is as a prime location for renewable energy manufacturing, generation and storage. 

AREMI stands for the Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure. This is a website that has a collection of maps that include amongst others detailed renewable resources data.

This information portal makes it easier to identify resource opportunities across Queensland free of charge.


Power plants map of Queensland (