(i) The Seller ( Quest ) shall deliver the Goods carriage paid to the place of delivery on the due date and in accordance with the conditions specified in the Order. The Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer if it cannot deliver the Goods in accordance with the specified delivery schedule. In such an event, or in the event that the Goods are not delivered in accordance with the specified delivery schedule then the Buyer may (without prejudice to any other right of action it may have) require expedited delivery by other than the designated routing, if any, and the Seller shall be responsible for paying the additional transportation costs.
(ii) Any articles or things delivered to the buyer which are not covered by an order which has been issued or confirmed and duly signed as referred to in Clause (3) above or any variation thereof approved in writing as aforementioned may at the Buyer's discretion be returned to the Seller at Sellers cost and risk or stored at the Sellers risk and expense.
(iii) A delivery note quoting the relevance Order number and description of the Goods must be sent with all goods and a duplicate thereof must be posted to the Buyer at the time of dispatch.
(iv) All packaging and shipping shall comply with good commercial practice and applicable carrier tariffs and all packaging shall consist of suitable containers for optimum protection of the Goods and for handling and storage and shall be clearly marked to show the nature and quality of the contents.
(v) No additional charges shall be made for the packaging, whose expression in these conditions (without prejudice to its generality) include all pallets, containers , bags, bands, wrappers, ties, packing and the like.
(vi) Where goods are supplied by weight all packaging will be deducted from the gross weight; only the net weight of Goods supplied will be paid for.
(vii) Shipping will be via a carrier nominated by the Buyer where the Buyer shall reasonably so require.