Sensors and Mems

Sensors and Mems

Queensland Semiconductors Technologies Sensor Range of Wafers and Die.

Our Mems and sensors have been sold since the 1980’s through our head office in Scotland.

Below is a list of some key points:

  • Interactive design optimisation with customers OEM’s and distributors 
  • Strong global technical support
  • In-depth process knowledge within the sensor and mems manufacturing
  • Detailed understanding of X-ray sensor requirements
  • Best performance ultra low noise JFETS and PIN diodes globally 
  • FETs/PIN Diodes to >50% end markets
  • Familiar with MEMS sensor technologies for a broad set of applications 
  • Supplier of semiconductor sensor devices for the X-Ray detector, X-Ray fluorescence, Radiotherapy dosimeter and Radiation detector markets
  • Radiotherapy dosimeter and Radiation detector markets
  • High performance PIN diodes
  • Ultra low noise JFETs (3 pin for high transconductance 
  • Low noise amplifiers and 4 pin with integrated charge reset mechanism and feedback capacitor for large area nuclear detectors coupled with charge sensitive amplifiers - available for both positive and negative charge collection) 
  • Neutron detectors 

The Quest/Semefab Charge resettable JFET SF291 has been approved by the Max Plank Institut for Kern Physik in Heidelberg for the LEGEND project proving best in class performance for low intrinsic radioactivity, low noise and high sensitivity. LEGEND is one of the biggest Physics projects (Scaled up GERDA) which aims to develop a phased, 76Ge-based discovery of neutrinoless double-beta decay experiment with half-life beyond 1E28 years. An extremely rare event to detect !

Neutrino less double-beta decay is only possible if neutrinos are their own antiparticle. Whether they are or not is not known, even though neutrinos are a fundamental ingredient for nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and the evolution of the universe and, thus, well researched. If they are their own antiparticle, this also contributes to one possible explanation for the disappearance of antimatter.

Our services and products include customer design and manufacturing service this includes

  • Wafer form, as 100% tested die 
  • Die in waffle trays
  • Devices in packages
  • Fully assembled and tested modules

These are other products that we manufacture and markets that we supply:

  • Packaged PiN diodes for Neutron radiation monitoring.
  • Customer specific charged particle detectors.
  • Medical dosimetry using PiN diode and Radfet devices.
  • MEMS based thermal conductivity gauge for O2 sensing.
  • Gas Sensing ; Micro hotplates, IR emitters 
  • Thin silicon PiN diodes for advanced medical dosimetry. 
  • MEMS breathing sensor for Sleep Apnea, COPD, Asthma

Design and Modelling Capability

  • In house design and layout using LEDIT software 
  • Device modelling using Silvaco 
  • Characterisation using in house SEM and EDAX
  • Detailed reverse engineering analysis at MCS for FIB, device cross       sections and elemental analysis